Thursday 2 October 2008

SocSciBot 4 freezing problem fixed

I think that the freezing problem with SocSciBot 4 has now been fixed. The new version 4.1 on the SocSciBot web site should not freeze any more. Sorry that this problem has taken so long to fix. If you are using the full version of SocSciBot 4 please email me for the update.

Tuesday 2 September 2008

New SocSciBot 4 allowing multple crawls

There is a new version of SocSciBot 4 online (on the SocSciBot web site) that has a new "multiple crawl" mode. Using this mode, you can give it a set of home pages and then it will run crawls of all the sites simultaneously. This should make it easier to run projects involving many crawls of small web sites. The maximum number of URLs in total for all crawls is 900,000, with 15,000 per individual site (approximately) so it probably would not be a good idea to crawl more than 40 sites unless they are all small. Also it may take a long time to crawl many sites!

Saturday 8 March 2008

Too slow and freezing when downloading some pages

SocSciBot 4 is buggy at the moment, sorry. It is too slow but this is corrected in the newest version that should be online in the week of 10 March 2008. It also freezes when downloading some pages - this problem hasn't been solved yet but a post will go here when it has. I think this only affects 1 in 200 web sites, but am not sure yet

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Please post any bugs or problems you have with SocSciBot4 here - these will help other users to know of any problems and the problems will eventually be picked up and solved by me. Please also feel free to respond to any other users' problems if you know of a solution.